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Gatlinburg has a murky past, even its current transformation into a winter sports destination has brought new hauntings, tragic accidents and more ghosts to add to the historical hauntings.

Our standard tour takes in eight of the most haunted places around the Gatlinburg Strip in a one mile loop, starting and ending at the Space Needle.

The river features a lot in our stories, it brings water, power and tragedy to this small mountain town.  The Pigeon River was the watery grave for James Bohannon, who was carrying a heavy sack of Maple Sugar when he tragically slipped, drowning under the heavy sack. He was buried under what is now the Mountain Mall, where he sometimes has been seen.

Our extended tour adds another half mile to the distance which takes you to another 4 haunted destinations, each with their stories of death and human tragedy. Like the young man who went camping in the national park, near an abandoned mine, and started behaving erratically, his odd behavior eventually lost him his job, with nothing medically wrong, the Church was called, and performed a 25 hour exorcism, which because the restrained young man to try and bite off his own lips and tongue until his mouth was held open. The ceremony was successful, the exorcist? Came from one of the stops on the Extended Gatlinburg ghosts tour.

The hills around Gatlinburg are filled with wonderful stories, we would love to take our guests to all love them, but that would be the world’s longest walking tour. Instead we have added some of the other stories we found to our blog of Tennessee’s hill country hauntings.

Below are just a few of the 8 or 12 locations we will visit on your tour.


The Gatlingburg Space needle, 407 feet of steel and concrete provide a view of all the sites on ourghost tour of Gatlinburg. This daytime photo of the Needled from across town shows why it is the tllest thing on the haunted town of Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg Space needle

The highest point in Gatlinburg, the viewing platform at the top allows you to see all the haunted locations, including the ones below your feet.

This daytime view of the White Oak Flats cemetery in Gatlinburg shows not one of the many ghosts and ghouls or tour will tell you about

White Oak Flats Cemetery

Keep an eye out for the Gatlinburg Witch, escaped from her upside-down grave. She haunts the rear wall of this ancient graveyard.

The daytime exterior

St Mary Catholic Church – Extended tour exclusive!

Staff from the church were involved in the exorcism of the Demon in room 11 of the Gatlinburg Inn, the audio is truly terrifying, and the exorcism failed!