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The standard tour takes you to 8 separate haunted locations around the Gatlinburg Strip, each with its own unique and twisted history. The extended tour begins immediately after the standard tour ends, and it takes you to four more locations with their own tales of violence and terror.

Meet our expert tour guide outside the Gatlinburg Space Needle at 115 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, Tennessee at least 15 minutes before your tour is scheduled to begin. Our standard Gatlinburg Haunts tour is a total round trip of 1.0 mile and should take about an hour. That’s one whole hour of terrifying stories and possible sightings of the vile spirits that haunt the strip. The extended tour tacks an extra half a mile onto the tour distance and adds another 30 minutes to your nightmare.

The Gatlinburg Haunts tour shows you all the beauty of Gatlinburg while showing you that not everything in town is as harmless as it seems. The tour is a great way for first-time visitors to see the sights and is also an excellent source of fun for visitors who’ve been around the block a few times.

This tour is perfect for families, friends, and acquaintances alike! Feel free to bring the kids; they won’t get too scared. We have limited openings for each tour, and they fill up fast, so buy your tickets right now, here on our website.


Our tour is held on the Gatlinburg Strip, starting with the Gatlinburg Space Needle at 115 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, TN. Our tours are held in all weather, so bring a coat! We don’t go inside the locations on our route but feel free to explore the public locations after the tour has finished.


1.0 miles 


The tour will take around an hour to finish, and is 1.0 mile round trip.

The extended tour adds another 30 minutes, and another 0.5 miles after the main tour is over.


Tour times vary, click the ‘Buy Now’ button to see current times and availability.


Tickets for the Gatlinburg Haunts tour must be bought in advance and if you’re looking to buy right now, you’ve come to the right place.

Tickets can be bought right here on our website. After you buy a ticket we will put your name on a roster, so don’t worry about printing anything out. Just walk right up and show us your ID.

The extended tour will cost extra per person.

Your tickets are only valid for the date and time you bought them for, and the tours are held in all weather. You may reschedule prior to arrival, but rescheduling is subject to a fee.


There are multiple parking garages and lots in the area to suit your parking needs. Check your tour time and location to make sure you arrive on time. It is recommended to arrive early so you can find parking, and make it to the tour location on time.


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Purchase a Group Tour

We also offer custom tours for large groups. See our Group Tours page to learn more about group options and how to reserve a spot for your group activity in Gatlinburg.

Meet Up Location


Please see your booking details for meeting location. There are neighboring parking garages and street parking that are available in the area.
Group size varies based on time of year and demand. We can keep everyone in your party in the same group. We've been doing this for years, and manage group size to ensure guests have a great experience. In the event you can't hear your tour guide, let them know, or move closer to them.
Pets are welcome as long as they do not disrupt ot distract from the tour
The arrival time will be listed on your confirmation email and in the available tour times when you click the book button
Please do not call us, the best way to reach us is by email using the contact form on this website
Book a tour and check the +1 box for each person in your group where it says “Extended Tour” at checkout to add an extended Ghost tour.
An extended tour takes you to a few additional locations when the regular tour ends. This adds about four new places and 30 minutes to your tour- highly recommended
Please contact us directly for pricing and availability. We do not do private tours under 30 persons. If you have a group under 30, please order directly from the website's book now option.
Tours are held rain or shine. We will contact you if the tour is cancelled.
Please only attend the tour for the day and time you are booked, as another day or time may not be available. If you need to reschedule, please contact us by email first. There is a $10 per order (not person) rebooking fee for each schedule change.
As it is unfair to other guests, we do not wait for late or no show parties. Please remember to arrive to the correct location on time! We do not grant refunds to guests who fail to arrive to the appointed place on time and miss their tour.
Please email us with the contact form
Ghost plush are small soft ghost souvenirs you can take home and keep as a friendly friend, or to give to someone as a gift!
Order a tour and check the +1 box for each item during the checkout process
No, but some of the locations you can visit during the day for free. We simply wouldn't have the time to focus on as many stories as we do if we were to enter each one, and we wish to focus on the stories, and leave the exporing up to you!
15 minutes before the start of your tour
No, this is a walking tour.
Yes, but there may be some grassy and cobblestone areas
Yes, you are welcome to take photos of the locations we visit!
No, videos are not allowed
No, there is no smoking allowed on the tour
We do not allow intoxicated guests or drinking on the tour- we will promptly ask those in violation to leave

Cancellation and Refund Policy