Make Learning History A Blast!

Our school tours here at Gatlinburg Haunts are designed to give your class a lesson they will never forget. The walking tour will provide your students with facts and stories to keep them thinking for a long time.

All of the stories featured in our tour have been researched thoroughly and are based on historical fact. Each eyewitness account mentioned has been scrutinized and before being used on our tour, and even though the names in the stories are subject to change, all of them are based on the people who have been here.

To book your School Tour, just contact us to get your tour started.


Let’s go for a walk!

To ensure that your tour will give you the best possible experience, and to guarantee that your tour will be at an ideal date and time, we need you to notify us at least one month before your scheduled tour date.


Booking a bespoke tour with Ghosts of Gatlinburg is a breeze! Simply tell us when you want to take the tour, how many students are in your group, and any other details you’d like for us to know, and we’ll make it happen.

  • We’ll schedule your tour for what day works best for your class.
  • We only request that you schedule a month in advance, so we can create the best experience possible.
  • We’ll craft an experience best suited for your students, your goals, and your lesson plans.
  • Interested? Click “Contact Us” below and fill out our form. We look forward to showing you and your students a different side of Gatlinburg!