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Gatlinburg Ghosts of The Smokies Most Haunted Tour

Brace yourself for a terrifying trip through the cursed Smokeys, a land where the veil is thin and heinous crimes of the past are not forgotten. The spirits rule Gatlinburg; meet them tonight with Gatlinburg Haunts.

Join Gatlinburg Haunts as we take you through the city’s sordid past, marked with blood, gore, and ghosts. Experience a world removed from our reality and seeped in terrifying real-life encounters.

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Gatlinburg Ghosts of The Smokies Most Haunted Tour

Our Gatlinburg walking ghost tours take you outside the main tourist strip and into Tennessee's darker, seedier underbelly. Far stranger things can be seen outside the walls of the city’s most haunted historic buildings than inside Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Uncover the most haunted locations and eerie happenings on a spooky stroll through the Gateway to The Great Smokey Mountains. Book an extended tour to experience more of Gatlinburg’s spookiest places and to hear more spine-chilling stories.

Meeting Location: Gatlinburg Strip, starting with the Gatlinburg Space Needle at 115 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, TN

Starting Time: Ghost tours are held nightly at 8 PM, rain or shine!

Pet Policy: Pets are not permitted on Ghost Tours

Alcohol Policy: No Drinking Permitted

Adults Only: No

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Five Stars

Sam was an excellent guide! Knowledgeable and fun!

Ashley Gomez

Five Stars

Our tour guide, Sam, was exceptional not only with his storytelling, but also in dealing with the rainy weather. One of our family members was on an e...

Barbara Christine

Five Stars

Such a fun tour around Gatlinburg! Jeff is so knowledgable about the town’s history and is a great story teller.

Rumer Diamante
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Tour Preview: Where You’ll Go

First United Methodist Church

The First United Methodist Church is the oldest and one of the most haunted buildings in Gatlinburg. Late at night, floating lights and people scatter back and forth across the church walls.

White Oak Flats Cemetery

Home to the Gatlinburg Witch and shadow people that have terrorized residents of Gatlinburg for the past two hundred years. Orbs and mysterious figures appear in photographs throughout the White Oak Flats Cemetery.

Edgewater Hotel

Haunted by a ghost girl who points at the room where she was murdered, the Edgewater Hotel has become renowned for its high price and strangeness.

The Hauntings of Gatlinburg

High up in the Smokey Mountains, the sleepy little tourist town has a slew of otherworldly legends and horrific ghost stories. Some even date back to before the city was founded as White Oaks in the early 1800s. Many of the hauntings in Gatlinburg are attributed to the spirits of the Native Cherokee people, like the snake-eyed Ama Asgaya, the ghost of a shaman who committed suicide in the Cliff Branch River.


This river took dozens of lives as Gatlinburg began to form, creating many of the ghosts that still haunt the town today. Unspeakable horrors occurred outside of the city limits. It is known that a Civil War Colonel named Simon Craft cooked and ate his guests during a blizzard in his home. The silence of the mountains can make men do strange things.


However, things aren’t much safer back in town. Demons inhabit places like the Gatlinburg Inn, and spirits from the gruesome Battle of Gatlinburg roam commonplace areas such as the Mountain Mall. It is genuinely a morbid scene in Gatlinburg. Join Gatlinburg Ghosts on our next nightly ghost tour and experience it for yourself!


The Most Haunted Places in Gatlinburg, TN


Spirits roam the Jewel of the Smokies far and wide, and some of the most haunted places are in plain sight. A restless woman named Lydia haunts the Greenbriar Restaurant, often communicating with staff and knocking food off the shelves. A phantom chef haunts the kitchens over at the Holiday Inn Resort, where suicide victims and psychotic killers haunt the rooms.


One of Gatlinburg’s main tourist attractions, the Mysterious Mansion, operates as a jump-scare haunted house. But truth is stranger than fiction in the Smokeys. The mansion is haunted by a Victorian family and a creeping hooded figure who likes to follow the actors. The Rocky Top Village Inn was the sight of another real-life tragedy. The hotel’s staff was murdered by criminals seeking an easy dollar. Now, their screams are heard late into the night. Gatlinburg Haunts welcomes you into this uneasy world of the dead.

Reasons to Take the Gatlinburg Ghost Tour

A bizarre walkabout

Something otherworldly descends unto Gatlinburg at night, mingling with a crowd of hikers, families, artists, and photographe ... rs all looking to wind down after a full day in the Smoky Mountains. Even with traffic grinding to a standstill, it’s impossible to take it all in if you’re stuck in a car. Feel the cool mountain wind on your face and walk with us through the busy sidewalks, catching glimpses of something ancient between waves of tourists. Place your feet on hundreds of years of history and hauntings on our walking tour and discover the darker side of Gatlinburg.

You’re a nut for the macabre

Slasher-filled tales of cannibalism, drowning, and tragedy are interwoven into Gatlinburg’s past. Uncover blood-chilling ta ... les of murder and madness and hear spine-tingling accounts of encounters with the spirits of victims who still haunt the Burg. Discover characters that will make you cringe and tragedies that will bring you to tears on a walking tour of Gatlinburg with us.

A spicy date night

Forget nameless cults, elder signs, and the lore and legend — forget all of that. What’s really critical, the key takeawa ... y… there’s nothing more aphrodisiacal than a good scare. Don’t take out word for it, just check out the countless studies done on the subject. Our brains are hardwired to blend fright with love, sex with scandal, and terror with temptation. Forget about curling up with your date, next to a bucket of popcorn watching the new Halloween rip-off, and take them on a truly epic adventure into the heart of darkness. One that if all those university gray-beards are to be believed will get the heart pumping, the hormones sizzling, and turn up the heat on your get-together. Oh, and by the way, did we mention that Gatlinburg is the 2nd most popular wedding destination in the U.S.? That’s right, romance is written into its Federal bylaws.

You want to learn about Gatlinburg

The best way to get to know the real personality of a city is to take a walk through the streets, visit its shops and take in ... its architecture. Uncover sinister stories baked into the foundation of Gatlinburg on a haunted walking tour and gain an even deeper understanding of this charming mountain town. Discover why Gatlinburg’s victims of murder and the brutalities of Mother Nature never left.

You’re interested in the crazy part of history

Spirits are pieces of walking history, relics of the past come to life. Investigating Gatlinburg’s ghost lore is bound to b ... e thrilling. But it’s not just tales of haunts and bone-chilling lore. No! Our Ghost tour is a smorgasbord of the bizarre. Filled with all manner of interesting tidbits. For example, did you know that there are more fish in Ripleys’ Aquarium than people who live in Gatlinburg? How about the fact that aside from Vegas the Burg hosts more shotgun weddings than anywhere else? Only ski resort in the whole of Tennessee? That’s right on the pristine slopes near Chalet Village. Get the real scoop on the outré, the odd, and the offbeat on our Gatlinburg tour.

You love outdoor adventures

“… And mama always set a good example. Daddy always gave me good advice. Jesus tried to steer me in the right direction. ... But the devil always made me think twice,” — Chris Stapleton

Take the thrill of the great outdoors to the next level with a haunted walking tour of Gatlinburg. As dusk falls, you’ll feel an unnatural chill in the air and wonder if something really is lurking in the trees. Shadows that flicker in the corner of your eye will take on a more sinister nature and the peaceful river where you’ve already spent time fishing and hiking will take on a more spine-chilling aura as you embark on a haunted adventure through Gatlinburg.

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