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About Gatlinburg Haunts

Beneath the bubbly mountain charm of Gatlinburg lays the stuff of nightmares. There are strange things in the foggy woods and steep hills of Tennessee, and Gatlinburg has more than its fair share of strangeness.

Today, Gatlinburg is a tourist hotspot and one of the premier destinations in the south, but at one point, Gatlinburg was a rough frontier town, and a scratch of the surface of its history shows it.

Gatlinburg Haunts uncovers the dark past

Walking down the Gatlinburg strip can be charming, but as you will soon learn from our experienced guides, it can also be a terrifying experience. You will learn about the people who died long ago and walked where you do now, only to meet an untimely end.

The haunted locations we will visit include the Gatlinburg Space Needle, the White Oak Flats graveyard, the Edgewater hotel. On our standard tour, five other spooky destinations are waiting for you, filled to the brim with tales of those who have since departed from our world.

Gatlinburg’s bloody past

Learn about some of the vilest and horrific crimes ever committed in the area, and about a monster that lurks at the river’s edge. Our tour centers around stories, not tourist attractions. We will take you off the beaten path to explore Gatlinburg’s interesting and terrifying history, and maybe see a few ghosts.

After taking our tour, you will never look at Gatlinburg the same way ever again.

Something for the whole family

Our tour has something to keep everyone hooked. Gatlinburg Haunts seamlessly blends history, horror, and adventure to keep you engaged and interested, no matter where it takes you.


Jennifer Gorny

Review Rating
June 25, 2024

Josh Cratin

Review Rating
June 25, 2024

Tour was great and guide was very knowledgeable and kept us engaged.


Review Rating
June 25, 2024

Awesome and informative tour! I highly recommend!


  • Remain calm.

    It probably isn’t the river bank monster you hear…

  • Be polite.

    Even if it is the River Bank monster, be polite, we hear it responds to reason.

  • Do not provoke the spirits.

    Whatever you do, don’t poke the River Bank monster.

  • Stay together.

    If a fog rolls in, please stay extra together, maybe even buddy up.

  • Watch your step.

    Icy paths do ghosts a’ make – should probably be a Gatlinburg motto. Stay safe!